Quiver Dance

Quiver Dance. It raises the speed, special attack, and special defense of the user by 1 stage each. Xd so apparently wormadam gets quiver dance in pokemon sun and moon lolmy twitter:

Helios' Quiver Dance by Togechu on DeviantArt
Helios' Quiver Dance by Togechu on DeviantArt from togechu.deviantart.com

It boosts the user's sp. Def & speed by one stage. These are sample sets before we work on new analyses for the crown tundra meta.

20 0 0 Battle Effect:

Geomancy is essentially the equivalent of. This boosts the user's sp. This boosts the user's sp.

This Pokemon Is Not Affected By The Secondary Effect Of Another Pokemon's Attack.

The user lightly performs a beautiful, mystic dance. Quiver dance is a bug type, status move. Increases the user's speed, special attack and special defense by 1 stage each.

10% Chance To Lower The Target's Sp.

Raises user's special attack, special defense & speed by one stage. Geomancy is a move introduced in generation vi that is very similar to quiver dance, in that it boosts special attack, special defense, and speed. Due to memory issues, results are limited to 50.

Ribombee Makes For An Incredibly Versatile Threat Due To Its Blistering Speed, Good Typing, And Solid Movepool.

Flamethrower, bug buzz, fiery dance, overheat, fire blast, quiver dance, roost. I gave it a yache berry so i'm no longer weak to kyurem.can we get bellossom to work in ou? No other moves have the same effect as quiver dance.

In The Meantime, Build Up Quiver Dance Stacks.

46 46 46 47 47 butterfree: Quiver dance ちょうのまい power points: These traits render it capable of fulfilling multiple roles, ranging from an offensive pivot able to support its teammates with sticky web to a capable wallbreaker and cleaner with choice specs and quiver dance, respectively.

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