Pokemon Soul Silver Where To Get Sludge Bomb

Pokemon Soul Silver Where To Get Sludge Bomb. 75 dragonite could give you a few problems, but you need to. Sludge bomb can be found at:

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Pokémon hit in battle attack +1 selected target Sludge bomb, focus blast, hidden power (rock). This can be found in union cave.

30 % Tm # Appeal Points:

Then go to dewford town. Go to the house directly north of the pokemon center. It may also poison the target.

Pokémon With Higher Special Attack Are More Suited To Sludge Bomb's Special Damage, And Have The Stat Highlighted In Green.

This can be purchased for 5,500 coins in goldenrod city game corner. As soon as you go within, a male near the entryway who is versus a wall will offer it to you if you speak with him. There will be a sign in front of the house that says dewford hall.

Where Do You Get Tm Sludge Bomb In Pokemon Soul Silver?

This can be found in the house on route 27. Jam points tm36 contest effect: 01 dynamic punch given to you in cianwood city's gym.

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This attackdex is for diamond, pearl, platinum, heartgold, soulsilver. Best team for battle tower in soul silver. 03 curse celadon mansion (go in the night) 04 rollout route 35.

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Answered nov 29, 2012 by flare. Startles the pokémon that has the judge's attention. Physical contact yes no no battle palace style:

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