Pokemon Emerald Camerupt Or Torkoal

Pokemon Emerald Camerupt Or Torkoal. When loosing smoke from its nostrils, it lets off a sound that is similar to a locomotive's horn. Torkoal dig through mountains in search of coal.

Camerupt Pokédex stats, moves, evolution & locations
Camerupt Pokédex stats, moves, evolution & locations from pokemondb.net

However camerupt's attack power is higher. Camerupt resembles a bactrian camel with volcanoes on its back instead of humps. Again, torkoal is a much better option.there is no need for an evolution there and it has much better defensive stats.

Yes, I Believe That Would Be Possible.

It has a long neck and its eyes seem permanently closed. Which is better camerupt or torkoal? Torkoal generates energy by burning coal.

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Torkoal appears to be the better choice, because of its higher stats in everything but speed, a better choice in fire attacks, and is only weak to ground, rock, and water, which in gen iii, ground and rock were considered physical moves, which would be tanked by his huge defense. When they find some, they will store it in their hollow shells. It battles using energy it gets from burning coal.

Fastest_Spartan 7 Years Ago #6 Ninetales Camerupt Is Ok But As Mention, He's Slow As Molasses And He Doesn't Even Have Any Bulk To Make Up For It.

Fire types suck in general because they are weak to the most common moves (surf/earthqauke/rock slide), but torkoal with its 140 base defense is able to survive a few of those hits while striking back with its. Having a slow pokemon that has a double weakness and is weak to eq too doesn't sound promising. You should definitely also not use salamence because bagon arrives late and with a low level.

If It Is Attacked, It Belches Thick, Black Smoke And Flees.

It came in handy in emerald, with its lovely combo of ground and fire. I think it's amusing that it can beat other fire pokemon with ground while being weak to ground. Of course it depends on what type of pokemon you want in your team, but i prefer torkoal, as it has much more durability than ninetales.

The Only Way For Torkoal To Learn Eruption Is Through Breeding.

Torkoal is way better physical wall but is not immune to electric like camerupt. You can find torkoal in fiery path or the team magma hideout. Who else is on your team?

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