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May lower opponent's accuracy one stage. Creators of walls of sound. Sploder is an online game creator.

Pokémon With Higher Special Attack Are More Suited To Octazooka's Special Damage, And Have The Stat Highlighted In Green.

Octazooka can also be used as part of a pokémon contest combination, with the user gaining extra two appeal points if the move rain dance was used in the prior turn. Octazooka electronic rock band, based in brooklyn. Octazooka is a special, water type, attacking move.

May Lower Opponent's Accuracy One Stage.

Does not affect targets with bulletproof. Does not make contact affected by protect not affected by magic coat not affected by snatch Pokémon with the bulletproof ability are immune to octazooka.

Octillery Debuted In Octillery The Outcast, Under The Ownership Of Marcellus.

The user attacks by spraying ink in the target's face or eyes. Octazooka (please add image.) move information: Hello subscribe please and enjoy 🙂

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Here is more information on chief golgo's sableye. Has a 50% chance to lower the target's accuracy by 1 stage. It evolved from one of his remoraid.

This Was Not A Glitch.

Deals damage and has a 50% of lowering the target's accuracy by 1 stage. Check out their game stats, play their games, give them an award. Pokémon with the abilities keen eye, clear body or white smoke cannot have their accuracy reduced.

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