Move Relearner In Hoeen

Move Relearner In Hoeen. Gym the pastoria gym is the same across all games. Deleter is in canalave city, and the relearner is in pastoria city.

Pokéarth Hoenn Lilycove City
Pokéarth Hoenn Lilycove City from

Commented may 3, 2011 by luigi183. The move maniac is a male npc in fallarbor town who will teach your pokemon any move it has already learned or passed up while leveling. There's an npc in fallobar, hoenn, that will teach a pokemon any.

The Move Tutor Is An Npc Residing On Two Island In The Sevii Islands Who Can Teach Your Pokemon Moves That They've Already Forgotten Or Not Picked From Previous Levels.

The move relearner is in blackthrorn city. Just ask ingame for the location in your current region and someone will answer. Move relearner a man that allows your pokémon to relearn any moves previously found in their evolutionary line does it for a heart scale and is located in a house in the northeastern portion of the town, next to the pokémon center.

Commented May 3, 2011 By Luigi183.

There's an npc in fallobar, hoenn, that will teach a pokemon any. Where is the move relearner? Post anything related to this rom hack in here!

The Move Reminder Can Be Found In The Left Counter Of Any Pokemon Center.

The move deleter is located within the top part of lilycove city and will gladly delete a move for you. When i evolved my shroomish to a breloom, i accidently got rid of leech seed. Normally, all moves can be overwritten, but this is incredibly useful if you’re trying to delete an hm from a pok mon, which is common.

He Will Teach A Move That Your Pokemon Will Have Learnt.

Yes in blackthorn city there is the move relearner etc. This subreddit is for the pokémon rom hack unbound. He will teach your pokémon any move in their level up.

Is There A Move Relearner In This Game?

Edited nov 22, 2012 by kameko. Like in kanto how he accepts both tiny and big mushrooms, we can apply this in hoenn as well. This npc is able to teach any pokémon any move that appears in its moveset (but only those which can be learned before the pokémon's current level).

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