Mega Diancie Sprite

Mega Diancie Sprite. # hoppip # jumpluff # mine # pokemon # pokemon sprites # pokemon x # pokemon y # skiploom # sprite. Just finished a shiny sprite for wobblebuns mega diancie, i think it needs some qc, but that is the best i got =/ edit2:

Mega Diancie G!!! by MegaRezfan on DeviantArt
Mega Diancie G!!! by MegaRezfan on DeviantArt from

Pokémon in need of cries. So, it's like a diary. It's too small and cramped, leading to the sprite looking sloppy.

Mega Diancie's Defense And Special Defense Decrease Is The Largest Single Stat Decrease Of All Mega Evolutions, At 40 Points.

Pokemon fusion sprite request #108: Fund your creativity by creating subscription tiers. While it is not known to evolve into or from any other pokémon, diancie can mega evolve into mega diancie using the diancite.

The Backsprite Might Be Usable, But The Entire Thing Is Just Messy.

I'm a bit in a hurry so i don't know what to type in 5 minutes so yeah. This mythical pokémon is the result of a mutated carbink. This project was finished, and all the pokemon introduced (including mega sprites) were posted.

Diancie Was Officially Revealed In The March 2014 Issue Of Corocoro Magazine.

Pokémon whose base special defense stat is greater than 100. Animated sprites (back) generation vi. (yes i know so many) link to comment share on other sites.

Pokémon With A Base Stat Total Of 600.

Pokémon without wild held items. A base power of 1 indicates a move that has a varying power or deals a fixed amount of damage. Will there still be the old mega blaziken sprite that's in x/y or will that be the official reborn mega blaziken sprite and that's it?

By Bazaro, May 18, 2015 In Reborn City.

Mega alakazam #080 mega slowbro #094 mega gengar #115 mega kangaskhan #127 mega pinsir #130 mega gyarados #142 mega aerodactyl #150 mega mewtwo x #150 mega mewtwo y #181 mega ampharos #208 mega steelix #212 mega scizor #214 mega heracross #229 mega houndoom #248 mega tyranitar #254 mega sceptile #257 mega blaziken #260 mega. Reborn mega sprites reborn mega sprites. Linking directly to our images (aka hotlinking) uses bandwidth and costs us money.

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