How To Get A Team Rocket Uniform In Soul Silver

How To Get A Team Rocket Uniform In Soul Silver. Pokemon soul silver question and answers : There a female team rocket person will be there and think you are the new guy.

Team rocket soul silver nuzlocke cap 13 •Pokémon• En
Team rocket soul silver nuzlocke cap 13 •Pokémon• En from

It turns out that this director is merely an impostor: You have to get to goldenrod city's tunnel in the gray buildings and go to the team rocket grunt and he will give you the uniform you can also go to the same spot and talk to a guy[not the one that looks like a hiker.]and you can take a pic in the uniform Pokemon soul silver question and answers :

You Have To Get To Goldenrod City's Tunnel In The Gray Buildings And Go To The Team Rocket Grunt And He Will Give You The Uniform You Can Also Go To The Same Spot And Talk To A Guy[Not The One That Looks Like A Hiker.]And You Can Take A Pic In The Uniform

Note that you can’t leave the city with a uniform on. He will allow you in, just then your rival comes and take it off. Go to the underground path, there a team rocket grunt gives you that uniform, wear it and go to the goldenrod radio tower.

Then You Get The Uniform And Go To The Radio Tower.

The best thing about pretending to be a team rocket is talking to random people and see how they react to you. The first kind of black uniform is worn by team rocket grunts. How do i get into the radio tower in heartgold?

Then A Man Selling Ragecandybars Is Blocking The Entrance To Blackthorn City.

Trying to go up the stairs will cause the guy with the red hair who says you r weak will come and make you. May 31, 2010 7:14 am. You go and ask the rocket over near the flower shop(at) the flower shop and go to the tunel and were the camara man was.

Note That You Can’t Leave The City With A Uniform On.

The male grunt uniform is the same except that it has pants and a shirt instead of a dress, and the boots only go up halfway to the knees. He rushes off to the well. How do you get in the radio tower in soul silver?

Gold, Silver & Crystal Chapter

All you need to do is get on the elevator, go up a floor, come back down, and the boxes would have moved. You don't actually get it, you just 'borrow' it to take the picture. If your stuck on the team rocket goldenrod city takeover then all you need to do is go into the goldenrod tunnel and talk to the guy by the photocamera in the upper right hand camera.

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