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Grapploct Stats. Searching for an opponent to. 32 raises the user's attack and defense by 1.

Grapploct • Sword & Shield Pokédex •
Grapploct • Sword & Shield Pokédex • from

Please note that this section is still in the works and many things are now in development. 16 nullifies detect, protect, and quick/wide guard. This pokedex page covers grapploct's location, how to evolve grapploct, grapploct's stats, and more.

Grapploct's Strongest Moveset Is Rock Smash & Superpower And It Has A Max Cp Of 2,664.

A base power of 1 indicates a move that has a varying power or deals a fixed amount of damage; Catch grapploct in dynamax adventures! The user tenses its muscles to bulk up its body, raising both its attack and defense stats.

Maximum Stats Are Calculated With 252 Evs, 31 Ivs, And (If Applicable) A.

24 destroys screens, unless the target is immune. Pokémon with a gender ratio of one male to one female; Pokémon without wild held items;

Pokémon Whose Base Hp Stat Is Greater Than 100;

It is vulnerable to flying, psychic and fairy moves. Its stats with 0 evs, 252+ (max) evs, 0 ivs, and 31 (max) ivs. Grapploct is a fighting type pokémon introduced in eighth generation games, pokémon sword and shield.

16 50% Chance To Lower The Target's Accuracy By 1.

Grapploct is a new pokemon introduced in pokemon sword and shield for the nintendo switch. Up to start of level 5 10 power ups: Grapploct is the pokemon whish has one type ( fighting) from the 8 generation.

In Case Of A Status Move, It Targets The User Or The Field.

This pokémon has 4 tentacles as arms, 1 wrapped around its belly as a belt, and 3 as feet. It evolves from clobbopus when leveled up knowing taunt. Like most of the pokemon on the team, grapploct is on the slow side with a 46 base speed, but it supports good defensive bulk with base 80/90/80 stats, and a base 118 attack.

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