Good Moveset For Toxapex

Good Moveset For Toxapex. Be sure to include full set details in your post, e.g. Anyway your moveset is pretty good but that moveset might work better on a protean greninja this is my personal set for my ash greninja.

Toxapex Competitive Guide Pokéverse™ Amino
Toxapex Competitive Guide Pokéverse™ Amino from

Another moveset by verlisify, this is a god moveset. Some explanation, including the intended game mode for your set, is also appreciated. Currently the best moveset to run is scald, toxic, recover, and haze.

Vaporeon Moveset Sword And Shield.

Powerful ice move, useful for the type coverage. Max lightning will nullify the effects of yawn. Toxapex is a wonderful special sweeper.

Increases Defense And Attack, But Lowers Speed.

Urshifu's strongest moveset is counter & dynamic punch and it has a max cp of 3,606. Choice specs will increase the damage of toxapex's special moves by 1.5x but will lock you into the first move you pick. The reason why you should run scald instead of surf is because pokemon like celesteela can't get toxic'd, so you hopefully try to pull of a burn with scald against it.

Vikavolt Needs Chip Damage To Get Some.

Gaining this ability while paralyzed cures it. Once your health gets low and you've inflicted toxic and infestation you can heal up and start spamming scald) attack 4: Once that happens then you start poison jabbing in order to poison then liquidation to slaughter them.

It Is Vulnerable To Fairy, Fighting And Flying Moves.

Timid, max ev sp atk and speed. Vikavolt is weak to both fire and rock types and can struggle against ground types, so having something to handle those is always. Liquidation can be switched out for recover in many cases.

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Toxapex can be a way better offensive wise when you raise it physically. Scald is a bit overrated in my opinion. Seriously, why would you ever consider dynamaxing a toxapex?

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