Gigalith Or Excadrill

Gigalith Or Excadrill. Lugia is an even matchup, despite excadrill resisting everything and hitting back with super effective rock slide. Stealth rock allows gigalith to support its team and it doesn't really gains anything notable from dynamax since its ability allows it to set up sand for its teammates.

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In generation 5, gigalith has a base special defense of 70. It has dual typing as ground/steel so you can hit more types, but you'll really use it mostly for ground. Excadrill relies on its resistances to make up for its low stats, and struggles taking even neutral hits.

Gigalith Is A Rock Pokémon Which Evolves From Boldore.

I want others opinions, which of these abilities is better overall for an excadrill. Its entire body is made of deep bluish gray rock. So the true answer is gigalith, despite the fact that excadrill is of a superior tier.

You Can Also Find Excadrill In The Wild Area At The Lake Of Outrage During Sandstorms.

Gigalith makes for a decent suicide lead because of its high attack. The first step to breeding excadrill will be to catch one. Gigalith’s excellent natural bulk in tandem with sand stream allows it to act as one of pu’s most wisely useful pokemon.

It Has Fewer Weaknesses (4) And Plenty Of Resistances.

Mainly due to its ability that raises its speed by one stage every turn. This pokemon's moves and their effects ignore the abilities of other pokemon. The excadrill and its kids who were watching all this from the side were very excited seeing the result, this gigalith had monopolized the whole spring for itself and if other pokemons wanted to use it, they would have to share their food and resource with this gigalith and its family.

Their Activity Can Be Destructive To Subway Tunnels.

The crystals glow orange whenever gigalith attacks. Its drill has evolved into steel strong enough to bore through iron plates. You might want it to set up stealth rock and then use explosion.

It Is, As Some Admiral Once Said, A Trap.

It is vulnerable to fighting, ground, steel, water and grass moves. Excadrill has the power and speed to mop the floor with a lot of pokemon, whereas gigalith is like an unassailable fortress. But unless you are battling in the uber tier, excadrill cannot be used in another tier.

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