Gastrodon Gen 4 Stats

Gastrodon Gen 4 Stats. Gastrodon can use one of two abilities : And they do not affect any stats, moves, types, or anything.

The Big ImageBoard (TBIB) creature full body gastrodon
The Big ImageBoard (TBIB) creature full body gastrodon from

Whiscash’s lack of useful abilities will forever keep him from being any good. It is a water / ground type, and is known as the sea slug pokémon. Xbox series s and last gen consoles the xbox one, and ps4.

Gastrodon And Delcatty Are One Of The Couples Made During Total Pokemon Island Along With;

This page lists all the moves that gastrodon can learn in generation 4, which consists of: Gastrodon's highest stat is its hp stat, with a base of 111. This pokemon cannot lose its held item due to another pokemon's attack.

Gastrodon Is Often Seen As Outclassed By Swampert, Which Is The Main Water / Ground Type In The Tier Thanks To Its Access To Stealth Rock, Better Offensive Coverage, And Better Stats.

He’s bulky and can dragon dance his mediocre offensive stats. Luxio is an electric type that eventually evolves into luxray. User sleeps for two turns, completely healing itself.

It Evolves From Shellos Starting At Level 30.

It can learn close combat, a powerful fighting move. This pokemon draws water moves to itself to raise sp. A build which takes advantage of gastrodon's high defensive stats and its lone weakness to grass.

It Is A Water / Ground Type, And Is Known As The Sea Slug Pokémon.

It evolves into gastrodon starting at level 30. Sticky hold , which prevents opponents from taking its held item; Whiscash’s lack of useful abilities will forever keep him from being any good.

Mismagius / Luxray, Sceptile / Jynx (Pre Breakup), Magmortar / Cherrim, Staraptor / Clefable And Chimecho / Blissey.

With sand force, gastrodon's ground/rock/steel attacks do 1.3x in sandstorm; Gastrodon, quagsire, and seismitoad all fill different niches, but they’re each relevant in their own way with seismitoad being more flexible and better in the current meta. The stats shown are a pokemon's actual stats at the given cp or level.

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