Fishious Rend

Fishious Rend. If the user attacks before the target, the power of this move is doubled. It needs strong jaw to do its thing.

Water breathing first form Fishious Rend and Flash pokemon
Water breathing first form Fishious Rend and Flash pokemon from

Fishious rend can be temporarily learned via mimic and transform. 252 spe, 252 atk, 4 def. This move has the following additional effects:

Choice Scarf (Raises A Pokémon’s Speed But Locks Them Into The First Move They Use) Moves:

It needs strong jaw to do its thing. Fishious rend エラがみ power points: It is stab + rain + water bubble ability + outspeed the target + mystic water.

Man, If You Get A Item On Draco To Increase It's Chances Of Striking First, Fishious Rend Doubles To 170 And Throw Strong Jaw On Top Of It And That Increases It By Another 50%.

Which member of the digging duo for getting fossils? Fishious rend will deal 85+85=170 damage if dracovish moves first. Known pokémon that can learn fishious rend naturally include arctovish and dracovish.

Dracovish Succeeded In Catching Dragonite In Its Mouth With Fishious Rend, Before Defeating It With A Super Effective Ice Fang.

The fishious rend attack is a devastating move that is only learned naturally by dracovish and arctovish on account of them possessing the head of an extinct dunkleosteus as part of their unnatural forms. If you have strong jaw, the final damage is 50% more on top of that. Check the respective pokédex pages for details.

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Fishious rend is totally balanced ability: Joined jan 6, 2022 messages 563 reaction score 77. If the target attacks after the user, or if the target switches in during the turn that fishious rend is used, its base power doubles to 170.

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It effectively has 382 base power if its ability is strong jaw and hits first. Unknown custom effect, please check other moves with similar effect on the bottom of the page, if any. Fishious rend’s special effect is that its base power doubles if dracovish moves before the target, giving it a base power of 170 without taking stab or its strong jaw ability into account.

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