Final Gambit Pokemon

Final Gambit Pokemon. The user faints but does damage equal to its hp. I currently checked stats and i think accelgor is the best user to this move, because it got the speed to do it before taking any damage, and every pokemon that learns this has poor special attack, another option for final gambit is lucario, who has more special attack, but its speed is average, making him any sweeper can hit it fast.

Pokemon X and Y Final Gambit Shedinja YouTube
Pokemon X and Y Final Gambit Shedinja YouTube from

Plus, this question has already been asked, the already asked question s first on the list titled related questions. Final gambit inflicts damage equal to the number of hp the user had before using the move, and causes the user to faint. Shedinja only ever gets 1 hp.

Shedinja Only Ever Gets 1 Hp.

Pokémon with higher special attack are more suited to final gambit's special damage, and have the stat highlighted in green. At best, final gambit gives you a fair one for one trade. The amount of damage done to the target will be equal to the user's hp.

Plus, This Question Has Already Been Asked, The Already Asked Question S First On The List Titled Related Questions.

Boost is lost if it switches, gets new item/ability. This pokemon cannot lose its held item due to another pokemon's attack. Check the respective pokédex pages for details.

Yeah, Not Even Diglett Would Tremble In Fear If Shedinja Were To Even Try Final Gambit (Diglett's Got The Lowest Base.

The move fails if the move misses. 8) not a tm, tr, hm, or move tutor move. Check out final gambit pokémon sword & shield data, attack name.

Pokemon X & Y Ushers In A New.

This pokemon cannot lose its held item. This makes it so that you take down a strong pokemon for one of your weaker one. A move of huge appeal, but using it prevents the user from taking further contest moves.

Speed Is Doubled On Held Item Loss;

The user of this move faints from the attack, but does damage equivalent to the hp of the user. This pokemon has its status cured at the end of each turn if rain dance is active. Final gambit causes the user to faint, and the target receives damage equal to how much hp the user lost.

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