Electivire Ice Punch

Electivire Ice Punch. It evolves from electabuzz after being fed 100 candies and given a sinnoh stone. It appears to lack a neck and has red eyes, a black spot on its forehead, and a pair of antennae with bulbous tips.

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Electivire can learn many moves in the games, but usually not many in a single generation. Using thunderpunch is counterproductive with wild charge already, and ice punch lets you form a pseudo boltbeam combo with wild charge. Thunder punch is electivire's only viable physial stab move, and although it is much less threatening than.

From There Level Up Elekid Until He Learns Thunderpunch.

Breed a male medicham knowing fire and ice punch with a female machop or its evolutions to get a male machop with the punches. Focus punch kills everything in its path. Electivire gen 7 overused stats pokédex | pokémon | pikalytics

Thunder Punch Is Electivire's Only Viable Physial Stab Move, And Although It Is Much Less Threatening Than.

Ice punch provides more type coverage for electivire. Well, you have to breed those moves onto elekid, and if i remember correctly, you'll need a machoke/machop (male) that already knows cross chop and ice punch (machop learns cross chop at lvl 37 and learns ice punch through move tutor). This will get you two elekids;

Electivire Is The Final Evolution Of Elekid.

Put the two in the day care. So you will need to teach it to an electivire in platinum/hg/ss from a move tutor. Motor drive evs and nature:

The Voltage Jumps While Electivire Is Battling.

And let's go, eevee!, and is tm04 in generation viii. Often it’s thunderbolt and ice punch or thunderpunch, with occasional fire punch once in a while to give it more coverage. The machop you get from the egg will know ice punch.

If The Father Knows One Of The Mother's Egg Moves, Then The Child Will Know That Move When It Hatches.

That's how egg moves work. You need a male smeargle with ice punch. You need to breed a female electabuzz with male machop and medicham, who know the moves you want.

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