Decidueye Build

Decidueye Build. Increases the speed of basic attacks for a short time after one hits. However, players can also try the following builds.

Decidueye GX Deck Profile (PRCSun & Moon) YouTube
Decidueye GX Deck Profile (PRCSun & Moon) YouTube from

The razor shadow build turns decidueye into a dps machine. Decidueye's main role in this build is to attack opposing pokémon from a distance, while assisting teammates. Decidueye is possibly the most traditional moba character in all of pokemon unite.

This Build Allows Decidueye To Be Continuously Moving And Attacking From The Backline.

Scope lens, buddy barrier, attack weight; But what it lacks, decidueye makes up for it by dealing heavy damage to multiple opponents in a short time. Decidueye is possibly the most traditional moba character in all of pokemon unite.

Leaf Storm Is Rather Decent.

To compensate for decidueye’s weakness, focus band gives adequate constancy and perseverance. Razor leaf allows it to deal a lot of damage per second in an area and shadow sneak amplifies its damage to a single target. This effect can stack, and with every third activation of this effect, basic attacks become boosted attacks for a short time.

Pokémon Unite Decidueye Build, Moveset, And Items Here's Everything You Need To Know About Pokémon Unite's Decidueye, Follow This Guide And Create Your Very Own Robin Hoot Pokémon Unite Is A Moba That Tasks You And Four Teammates With Working Together As One.

Baton pass keeps up the momentum and eases prediction. In hisui, though, it trades the ghost. Instead, the pokemon’s basic attack is its greatest weapon, with the ability to blow up entire teams in the right situation.

Muscle Band, Focus Band, Buddy Barrier

Pokemon thanks user mobunite for sharing this guide on how to play decidueye. Then follow up with leaf storm to further the onslaught of damage to the whole stack. This decidueye acts of your choice of hazard remover or spinblocker.

Since, Decidueye Is A High Attack Speed, Basic Attack Based Pokemon, It Will Proc Critical Hits A Lot Of Time.

For more of my unite content click here! This build is centered around dealing with high damage from backlines. Decidueye's able to use its good defensive typing, recovery in roost, and bulk to switch into pokemon like heliolisk and slowking to set up and stay healthy.

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